Andrew J. Weis

While writing unique time travel adventures with an angelic flair, Andrew works in information technology for a Fortune 500 insurance company. During his life, he’s competed in local bench press competitions, achieved sharpshooter status with high-powered rifles, and is an active volunteer jumps coach on a local high school track team. He’s crafted artistic wood panels and restored various antiques like gas pumps and pedal cars. While exploring interests in time travel, genealogy, and little known religious writings, Andrew has applied these interests and life experiences in creating time travel adventures, notably The Hali Nonology. He resides in Arlington Heights, IL and is currently working on additional books for the series. 

Why time travel and angels?

Time travel stories are unique and open the mind to endless possibilities. The books on this website offer stories about John Harrod, a young man taken on an adventure against his will that spans various time periods consequently impacting his ancestors and loved ones on a deeply personal level.

Most people have dreamed about time traveling to the past to buy Microsoft or Amazon stock when they first became available and sell it now to make a massive profit. With this in mind, suppose you could go back in time. Would your experience be as perfect as you imagined? Would you change your future for the better, or create a path to quick failure? In our dreams, time travel works every time. However, inevitably, something will go wrong.

Some scientists and scholars believe time travel is possible and have created numerous theories to support their claims. A form of time travel exists when moving forward at high speeds but going backward through time by and large is another matter. No man ever built a machine that can allow a person to travel backward through time. I think some kind of law wouldn't allow it.

Interestingly, most people believe there is a supreme being or god that created the universe and everything in it. Since there are rules in physics and other disciplines, then it’s reasonable to suggest that a way to travel back in time can only be achieved with a permission of sorts from that supreme being under the rules set up by that supreme being.

We've all had at least one experience in our lives we can't explain, whether in dreams or when we’re awake. Some people see ghosts, stationary objects moving independently, or see strange lights in the night sky. We might not know how to explain those things without compelling evidence, but I prefer to put all of those instances under the umbrella of things I can't explain. Perhaps the supreme being can best explain those things for us.

I married the concepts of time travel and divine influence into entertaining stories told from an intimate first person point of view.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you are intrigued by the stories I present here.