Heartache and the Century of Progress

Heartache and the Century of Progress is a heart wrenching race against time with a sensational, inspiring conclusion!

Heartache and the Century of Progress

John Harrod hates angels. After his wife demands a divorce, John’s problems surge when an unknown gangster kidnaps his teenage daughter Vicki. When John finds a note left by the unknown intruders, he goes back in time to Chicago of 1934 to meet with an archangel in the form of Chicago mob boss, Joe ‘Delmo’ Delmonico, to get answers.

While meeting with Delmo, John learns he has only seven days to find Vicki before his final showdown with his archenemy, the fallen angel Turel. With an embittered heart, John begins his search for Vicki against the backdrop of Chicago’s fabulous Century of Progress Exposition.

Without warning, an angel with questionable loyalties and superior abilities suddenly appears to John, and holds a startling secret vital to John’s success against Turel.

Time is winding down while John suffers through the worst personal horrors imaginable in his favorite place and time on Earth. At a critical moment before the eyes of hundreds of battle-ready angels, John must choose between saving his daughter or saving mankind!

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