Vengeance in Vegas

Vengeance in Vegas continues the lightning paced adventure of the John Harrod Trilogy, unpredictable all the way to its stunning revelation!

John Harrod’s training with angels is failing miserably. Seven years have passed since he returned from 1917 France and his frustrations with constant defeat in class exercises are mounting. When he returns home from yet another disaster of a training session in the angelic world known as Hali, he learns the Chicago Outfit murdered his Grandfather Ray in 1976. John then time travels to the mob-controlled Las Vegas of 1976 to find out why.

While working undercover as a property appraiser with Ray, John discovers that Ray is conspiring to subvert a mob-owned casino to build Las Vegas’ first megaresort he calls The Deco Palace. John entangles himself in an angelic chess game when he learns that Ray’s scheme is converging with John’s efforts to get the last page of the Book of Ancients.

John battles his feelings for a sexy prostitute who appeals to him for help and complicates his objective. Though blinded by his instinct to protect her when others suspect she’s double-crossing him, he doesn’t realize that she holds a secret that will turn the course of his life forever.

Angels with questionable intentions influence John at every turn. Despite everyone John meets appealing to his good nature, he doesn’t know who to trust. Will John get the last page and save his Grandfather Ray’s life, or will he implode from the pressure and doom mankind?

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