Jessa Roscoe is one lovesick high school girl. Living in a gritty industrial Chicago neighborhood, she gets caught in the middle of a dangerous love triangle with her boyfriend, Daniel and his gangster cousin, Coz. While in Daniel’s presence, Jessa pretends to favor Coz to save Daniel from a knife attack. Daniel misunderstands her actions and Jessa never gets a chance to explain. Later that night, Coz rapes and kills Jessa while Daniel does nothing to help her.

Jessa arrives at a place within Heaven called Hali where angels learn how to protect humans. As a Watcher-class angel, she revels in her divine skills and rises to the top of her group. She jumps at a chance for early promotion to Archangel-class, but her excitement wanes when she learns she must save Daniel from an early death.

The terms of Jessa’s promotion forbid her from telling Daniel who or what she is. Her troubles intensify when old feelings for Daniel cloud her objective. While battling emotional struggles and an outsider undermining her efforts, how can Jessa save Daniel and get her promotion without breaking the rules of her assignment? What will dictate Jessa’s path, love or revenge?


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